A Little Guidance to Help Florida Car Shoppers Choose Their Vehicle’s Features and Options

Everyone wants their car to have certain specific features and options.  We all have our opinions on which particular features are important, but things like power windows and door locks, remote entry, ABS brakes and lots of airbags are extremely popular, and most car shoppers want them.

But some vehicle features and options are better suited to cars in certain parts of the country than others.  Florida’s a good example.  Some features are perfect for Florida’s climate and laid-back lifestyle, but paying for other features would just be flushing your money down the drain.

Thanks to Florida’s short, mild winters and lengthy stretches of hot, humid weather, most Florida car shoppers won’t be interested in some of the features that are popular up north.  Take heated seats, heated side mirrors and heated steering wheels, for example … what’s the point when it’s 80 degrees or warmer most of the time?  Those features are cool, but in Florida they’d be useless.  Better to spend your money on things you can put to good use or have fun with while you’re driving in Florida.

Climate-related features and options are the perfect example.  Beating the heat is way more important in Florida than having a mirror that de-ices itself or a steering wheel and seats that can keep you warm and toasty.  That’s why cooled seats and a strong air conditioner are two of the most useful climate-related features that Florida car shoppers can look for.  And, in addition to finding a car with a strong a/c system, Florida car shoppers might want to consider dual-zone climate control.  It’s a feature that’s always handy in Florida vehicles because the driver might want his or her area to be a different temperature than the other areas of the car.

Automatic rain-sensing wipers are another useful climate-related feature that Florida car shoppers should consider.  Summer in Florida isn’t just long and hot – it’s also the rainy season.  Rains in Florida often start and stop suddenly, and it can go from a light sprinkle to a torrential downpour – and then back to just spitting again – within only a minute or two.

Rain-sensing wiper systems are cool, but in Florida they’re also very functional.  They detect rain as it lands on the windshield and activate the wipers automatically.  Every few seconds, the wiper speed is automatically adjusted to match the rainfall’s rate.  Voila!  No more need to constantly fiddle with the wipers while you’re driving in Florida’s on-again, off-again rains.

Florida car shoppers who choose automatic rain-sensing wipers avoid the aggravation and distractions caused by needing to repeatedly adjust the wipers manually as the amount of rain changes.  Rain-sensing wipers aren’t just convenient – you could think of them as a safety feature too.

Sunshades are another useful feature Florida car shoppers might want to consider.  Some autos – including some Sarasota cool cars I’ve seen – come with a power rear sunshade.  It’s a device that lowers down inside the back windshield and blocks out the strong sunlight but still lets the driver see out the back of the car.  You simply press a button and down it goes!  When you don’t need it anymore, press the button again and the sunshade retracts.  Power sunshades reduce sun glare and help keep the car’s interior cooler.

A power sunroof or moon roof is another feature found on many Sarasota cool cars.  If, for some reason, you don’t want to drive a convertible in Florida, a power sunroof or moon roof is the next best thing.  You’ll get plenty of fresh air and be able to feel the wind rushing over your head.  And in the evening, a sunroof or moon roof will let you enjoy the cooler temperatures without running your car’s air conditioner.

Sarasota cool cars often incorporate many (if not all) of these climate-related features and options.  But many of the coolest cars in Sarasota – and elsewhere in Florida – are convertibles.  Convertible cars give Floridians all the advantages of a sunroof or moon roof, but even more so.  By choosing a convertible, Florida car shoppers can have their cars wide open to the elements when it’s pleasant, but by touching a button they can close the top quickly if it starts raining suddenly.

Which Types of Cars are Popular in Florida?

You name it – a lot of different autos are popular in Florida.  But here’s some information about the types of vehicles you’ll see most often on the streets and highways of the Sunshine State.

Whether you live in Florida as a full-time resident or part-time as a snowbird, you’ll need a car.  Taking public mass transit is an option in the larger cities, but Florida’s a pretty big state and everything’s very spread out.  Let’s face it – Florida isn’t New York City, where you can take the subway to get almost anywhere.  In Florida, a bus or commuter train just won’t get you everywhere you want to go.  So, to get around in Florida, you need some type of automobile.

The vehicle you drive definitely reflects your sense of style and personality.  Some cars are built to be sporty and to communicate the feel of the road through their steering wheels, while others insulate you from life’s commotion by delivering silky-smooth rides and surrounding you with luxury.  Some give you all the latest options in entertainment and communications technology.  But which type of car would be best for the Florida climate and lifestyle?

Obviously, you have plenty of choices when you’re buying a car to drive in Florida, but some vehicles and options are more popular in the state than others.  For instance, you wouldn’t need a car with any kind of cold-weather package … or a heated steering wheel or seats.  Most of Florida has a semi-tropical climate, so you’d rather have cooled seats, if possible.

From Jacksonville in the north all the way down to Key West in the far south, and east-west across the state from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, Florida’s known for fun in the sun.  The warm, sunny weather means in Florida convertible cars of all makes and models are hot sellers.  There’s nothing like feeling the wind rushing overhead as you’re motoring down a South Floridian highway on your way to Miami.  And once you arrive, what could be better than driving a sexy convertible with the top down if you decide to join the rich and famous (and wannabes) and go cruising on Ocean Boulevard in South Beach?   Beautiful people chillin’ out in their cool cars everywhere you look – it’s an amazing experience.

In Florida convertible cars are about as good as it gets, unless you happen to be driving an exotic car like a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Maserati and you’re in the “right” neighborhood.  Exotic cars are everywhere in Florida – but you see them really often in super-chic areas like Naples, Palm Beach, South Beach and Sarasota.  Nothing will get your juices flowing like cruising along Billionaire’s Row in Palm Beach in an ultra-exclusive Aston Martin, Bentley or Bugatti.  But exotic cars are everywhere in Florida, and you can get the same sort of rush driving one of the American exotic cars, like a Shelby GT500 (remember the Shelby Cobra?), an exciting Dodge Viper or a Tesla Roadster.

If you’re in the Daytona Beach area, you can drive right on the beach, and a lot of people show off their cars by doing exactly that.  Because of Daytona’s strong association with NASCAR stock car racing, American muscle cars like the hopped-up Dodge SRT8® 392 Challenger, Chevy Camaro ZL1 and Ford Mustang Boss 302 are popular in that area.

Florida’s a great place to buy a car because you have so many options.  In Florida convertible cars are a top choice, but SUVs, crossovers and muscle cars are also extremely popular.

Florida has a strong “green” movement, so hybrids like the Toyota Prius and the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid are also hot sellers.  Plug-in autos like the Chevy Volt are starting to make inroads in the state, like they are elsewhere in the country.  But exotic cars are everywhere in Florida.  A lot of people in Florida like to “strut their stuff,” and there aren’t many ways to do it better than by driving an exotic car – whether it’s an American model like a Dodge SRT Viper or the amazing, battery-powered Tesla Roadster electric supercar, or an Italian job like a sleek Lamborghini Aventador.